'Plants are earth's ultimate transformers.'
Will Smith (One Strange Rock)

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In 1998, Carlos Bello started working part time in a flower shop in South Miami and very soon he felt the strong connection and joy with flowers. It was like designing pieces inspired by the striking colors and the beautiful structure of every flower. At Floralinea, we are highly talented and experienced individuals with superior skills and a strong creative flair.

We are adept at working with orchids, cut flowers, succulents, cacti and indoor/outdoor plants; creating magnificent pieces for the enjoyment of their clients.
For over 20 years we have been involved in the floral industry by designing beautiful live orchid arrangements and flower installations on site.

Floralinea inspires exquisite floral artistry in every piece, with soothing and exuberant shades that will elevate your home, business or special occasion

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